Naturephotography Marc Weis

Déifferdeng Natierlech

Nature-impressions from the commune of Differdange

The industrial town of Differdange is shown in a quite different manner by the  nature photographer Marc WEIS. 176 pages of photos show the beautiful nature of  the “Iron City”. The photographer, who grew up in the commune of Differdange,  focussed the nature of the towns Differdange, Niederkorn, Lasauvage and Oberkorn in a way many people have never seen it. 

The south of the country of Luxemburg, commonly named “Minette”, is erroneously undervalued as attractive hiking and recreation area.  Especially here you can find many nature oasises. Their preservation is one of the main requests of the autor.

Since 1996 Marc WEIS is engaged in nature photography. He wants to point out the fragility of nature through exhibitions, slide-shows and publications and hopes to contribute to her preservation activily this way. 


His book was developped by order of the commune of Differdange and is meanwhile sold out.



Unexpected things on the river-banks and hills of the Eisch Valley
(textes by Monique SIMON / photos from Romain GRISIUS and Marc WEIS)

The element water is a precious gift. Source of life, it is shown as clouds, rain, river water, dew, fog, snow and ice. The subtile energy of the water is the substance of this book, and expecially one river valley, the valley of the Eisch, is developped. 

The Eisch was observed and her voice perceived. Wonderfull pictures are combined in an harmonic manner with poetic and sometimes humorous textes.

This book and is meanwhile sold out. 


Besides that the pictures of the photographer are regularly published in publications, magazines, calenders and  books (for example "Bléck op Lëtzebuerg" - RTL, "d'Éier vum Déier" - Josy BRAUN, "Die kleine Luxemburger Schweiz" - Yves KRIPPEL, "Natur a Landschaft erliewen a verstoen" - Öko-Fonds).