Naturephotography Marc Weis

The Foundation of the „Lëtzebuerger Naturfoto-Frënn“ (LNF) in october 1995 was my start into Nature Photography. I was founding member and their secretary during the first years.  

Focal points of my photography are landscapes and close-ups. On the doorstep and in the countries of Northern Europe I do find my favorite motifs.


I am scientific collaborator of the Luxemburger Nature Museum (MNHN). In 2008 I received the EFIAP-Titel of the FIAP (Fédération Internationale de l'Art Photographique / International Federation of  Photographic Art). My photographies have been awarded nationally and internationally, were shown in exhibitions and published in magazines, books and calendars.  

In december 2010 my first book „Déifferdeng natierlech“ was published. It shows the nature of the industrial town of Differdange (L). In the book "Wasserlieder" I participated as nature-photographer. It was published in march 2013 and shows the beauties of the Eisch-Valley (L). Further informations see “publications”  

With my photos I want to show the beauties of nature and also her fragility. The protection of nature is essential for our future. Taking photos I try to work carefully according the motto „Take nothing but memories, leave nothing but  footprints“ (indian chief NOAH SI’AHL / 1786-1866)